We emphasize recognizing and appreciating the local cultural history and origins, while also looking ahead to help shape children’s identities and future as part of our cultural heritage. Our goal is connecting children to their roots through games and activities, while building cultural awareness and pride in who they are.


Nu Chicka Enabuka Multimedia
Different Children's Program on TV, Radio, YouTube, and on Print Media.
• Hamrawi Children's TV Program, - on TV and YouTube
• 'Nuro bezdede' Radio Program
• Print Media for Children

• ሐምራዊ የልጆች የቴሌቭዥን እና ዩቲውብ ፕሮግራም
• .ኑሮ በዘዴ የሬዲዮ ፕሮግራም
• .የልጆች የህትመት ውጤቶች


Nu Chika Enabuka Events and festivals
Fun and Educational Ethiopian Cultural Events for Kids!
Bring your kids to our lively events celebrating Ethiopian traditions children’s games, mud molding, horse and camel ride, dance, food and more! Children will have a blast as they learn about Ethiopia's rich cultural heritage by actively participating in various hands-on activities.
Nu Chika Enabuka Recreational Center
A cultural and recreational center for family, filled with uniquely Ethiopian and natural activities, games, foods, products and Entertainment
We have areas in our center where children play in a natural setting, feed chickens, tend to plants, spin cotton, paint,, making pots using mud.


“Nu Chika Enabuka” is a journey in search of our Ethiopian identity that has been concealed through time. Before urban settlement spilled over city limits and the clean soil was smeared with trash, it is safe to assume that all Ethiopians grew up playing with mud,no matter which ethnic background we have been born and raised in. Whether we realize it or not, the process of mixing, rolling, and shaping mud we spent our childhood in, that initial journey into our imagination, has laid the foundation for our individual personalities our thirst for art, and our investigative skills and curiosity. It has allowed us to nurture a keen spirit that drove our creativity through our attempt to make something different from our peers out of pure clay and helped us maintain an uninterrupted connection with nature through repeated mixing of mud. Playing with mud and childhood are deeply intertwined. From the time a baby starts crawling, s/he will automatically start playing with mud if they come across it and eventually start shaping the clay into whatever they conceive in their imagination. Then they will knock down their creation and roll it all up into a ball of clay, ready to start again. We spent our childhood as such. As our mind develops, our creative works begin to gain clarity and our experience and skills get refined.

የእሳቤው መነሻ

ኑ ጭቃ እናቡካ ዘመን ያደበዘዘውን ኢትዮጵያዊ ማንነታችንን ዳግም የመፈለግ ጉዞ ነው፡፡ጭቃ ማቡካትና ልጅነት የተሳሰሩ ናቸው ፡፡ ቀደም ባለው ትውልድ መሰረታችን ከየትኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ ብሔር ወይም ጎሳ ይሁን የልጅነት ዘመናችን እና እድገታችን ጭቃ በማቡካት የተዋጀ ነበር። እንደየአካባቢያችን ወግ በልጅነታችን ከተፈጥሮ ቅርብ በመሆን የፈጠራ ስራችን፣ የጥበብ ናፍቆታችን፣ እና የምርምር  ህሎታችን ጭቃ በማላቆጥ በማድበልበል እና ልዩ ልዩ ቅርፅ በማውጣት ከቤት ውጪ ወጥተን በመጫወት እና የህይወት ክህሎቶች በማዳበር ሃገራችንን ወደን እና አውቀን አድገናል፡፡ በዛሬው ዘመን ልጆቻችን ከተፈጥሮ እየራቁ ነው፡፡ በእንቅስቃሴ የተሞላ ጨዋታዎች አለማድረጋቸው አካባቢያቸውን እንዲቃኙ፣ እንዲሞክሩ ፣ አዲስ ነገር እንዲፈጥሩ እና አምሯቸውን እንዲያዳብሩ የሚረዳ መዓከልም ሆነ የትምህርት ስርኣት አለመኖሩ፣ በልጆች እና በወላጆች መካከል ትልቅ የግንኙነት ክፍተት መኖርና የማንነት ጥያቄ ያለበትና የተዛባ የህይወት ዘይቤ የሚከተል ትውልድ እየተፈጠረ መሆኑ አሳስቦናል “ኑ ጭቃ እናቡካ” መነሻም ማንነትን ከመሰረታችን መልሶ መፈለግ እና ማደራጀት ሲሆን ልጆች የነገ ማንነታቸውን በአገር በቀል ጥበብ እውቀት ውስጥ ራሳቸውን እንዲያዩ ማስቻል ዋነኛው ዓላማችን ነው።

ኑ ጭቃ እናቡካ ዘመን ያደበዘዘውን ኢትዮጵያዊ ማንነታችንን ዳግም የመፈለግ ጉዞ ነው!

“Nu Chika Enabuka” is a journey in search of ourEthiopian identity that has been concealed through time.

Management Team

Management Team

The organization is led and managed by Hamere Mulugeta and Yoseph Weldeamanuel. Hamere Mulugeta is a multi-talented and vibrant, visual artist, Musician, potter, graphic designer, educator, and an entrepreneur. She graduated from AAU Ale Fine Arts and Design college in visual art, and got her Diploma certificate in music from TVET college.

Yoseph Weldeamanuel is an enthusiastic multipotentiality. He is a visual artist Sculptor, entrepreneur, culinary artist, photographer, graphic designer, potter, children’s book writer and illustrator. He Got his Diploma certificates from AAU Ale school of Art and Design, TVET college and Master institute. Yoseph takes a pride in his past experience of having worked with the renowned father of Ethiopian Tourism Ato Hapteselassie Tafesse. He has written two volumes of paintable children’s books titled “Keleme”


Hamere Mulugeta

vibrant, visual artist, Musician, potter, graphic designer, educator, and an entrepreneur
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Yoseph Weldeamanuel

visual artist Sculptor, potter, children’s book writer and illustrator