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Our ancestors were putting this know-how of their surroundings to practice for a long time before. Western medicine, for instance, just recently told us that deriving medicine from nature is a healthy and acceptable practice. Nowadays we let our children spend their times on their phones and TV programs separated them from the natural world, floating as superficial nobodies. We are never going to be able to fully pay for the mistakes we are making as a generation, and now is all the time we are left with, to look into ourselves for once and wake up from our long slumber.  So, what we are lacking, is the realization that we have all we could ever need right under our feet and over our heads, and our children should be made aware of the immense fortune right at their fingertips, called “nature” that will help us make amends for all the wrong we have done up until this moment.

Therefore, the vision of this project is to create a little piece of Ethiopia, which one can recognize at first sight. What we want to create is a place where parents can come with their children to walk barefoot feeling the very ground pulsate under their feet, and the very air filling their lungs, all while the cultural foods inspire them to heights well beyond imagination. We would like our creation to not only be felt by the basic senses but by a sixth sense that will relish in a beauty that is truly Ethiopian. This will be the place that will turn every Ethiopian into a true Ethiopian, by inducing regret and anger one will feel for not being themselves for all these years.
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